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  1. The Matte Lipstick

    The Matte Lipstick

    Number of Colors 8 , Capacity 3.5 g Learn More

    Regular Price: GBP27.59

    Special Price GBP17.94

  2. Demi Matte Lipstick

    Demi Matte Lipstick

    Number of colours 10 Capacity 3.5 Grams Learn More

    Regular Price: GBP26.61

    Special Price GBP17.30

  3. Lipstick Impressive Matt

    Lipstick Impressive Matt

    For vivid and velvety lips with impressive matt finish this lipstick delivers a creamy formulation that won’t dry the lips. Its soft and easy to apply texture blends perfectly leaving lips silky smooth with an amazing pop of colour. Learn More

    Regular Price: GBP14.78

    Special Price GBP9.61

  4. Lipstick Lip Designer

    Lipstick Lip Designer

    The perfect lipstick to design flawless lips. This long-lasting formula feels like a balm whilst providing vibrant, vivid and bright colour. The formulation is enriched with emulsifiers and precious waxes which allow the lipstick to adhere to the lips whilst creating a film of colour that holds onto moisture. Learn More

    Regular Price: GBP20.70

    Special Price GBP13.45

  5. Lip Colour

    Lip Colour

    Oud Milano’s Lip Colour comes as a handy twistable crayon that allows you to ‘draw’ super accurate lip colour in a range of attractive shades. A handy all-rounder for the lips. It edges the lip line perfectly as well as filling in for full coverage. Learn More

    Regular Price: GBP13.80

    Special Price GBP8.97

  6. Lipstick Liquid Colour

    Lipstick Liquid Colour

    Liquid Colour releases a colourful, matt film onto lips. It is smudge proof and long-lasting Learn More

    Regular Price: GBP19.51

    Special Price GBP12.68

  7. Fancy Double Lipstick

    Fancy Double Lipstick

    Number of Reference 8 , Capacity 4 g Learn More

    Regular Price: GBP24.64

    Special Price GBP16.01

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