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  1. Lip Contour

    Lip Contour

    Number of Reference 8 , Capacity 1.2 g Learn More

    Regular Price: GBP18.72

    Special Price GBP12.17

  2. Lip Colour

    Lip Colour

    Oud Milano’s Lip Colour comes as a handy twistable crayon that allows you to ‘draw’ super accurate lip colour in a range of attractive shades. A handy all-rounder for the lips. It edges the lip line perfectly as well as filling in for full coverage. Learn More

    Regular Price: GBP13.80

    Special Price GBP8.97

  3. Lip Liner Pen

    Lip Liner Pen

    This lip pencil provides the perfect outline to your lip colour. Apply slightly outside your natural lip line for plumper, firmer looking lips. Learn More

    Regular Price: GBP9.86

    Special Price GBP6.41

  4. Lipgloss Brush

    Lipgloss Brush

    For a glossy, wet-look finish that brushes easily on for precise application. Oud Milan’s Lip Gloss brightens any look. Wear on its own or over lipstick for added shine and glosss. Learn More

    Regular Price: GBP11.83

    Special Price GBP7.69

  5. Lipgloss Flock

    Lipgloss Flock

    If you prefer your gloss to on with an easy to direct flock-covered stick, then this is for you. The gloss is bright, shiny and leaves lips looking moisturised and shimmery Learn More

    Regular Price: GBP17.74

    Special Price GBP11.53

  6. Lipstick Lip Designer

    Lipstick Lip Designer

    The perfect lipstick to design flawless lips. This long-lasting formula feels like a balm whilst providing vibrant, vivid and bright colour. The formulation is enriched with emulsifiers and precious waxes which allow the lipstick to adhere to the lips whilst creating a film of colour that holds onto moisture. Learn More

    Regular Price: GBP20.70

    Special Price GBP13.45

  7. Lipstick Impressive Matt

    Lipstick Impressive Matt

    For vivid and velvety lips with impressive matt finish this lipstick delivers a creamy formulation that won’t dry the lips. Its soft and easy to apply texture blends perfectly leaving lips silky smooth with an amazing pop of colour. Learn More

    Regular Price: GBP14.78

    Special Price GBP9.61

  8. Demi Matte Lipstick

    Demi Matte Lipstick

    Number of colours 10 Capacity 3.5 Grams Learn More

    Regular Price: GBP26.61

    Special Price GBP17.30

  9. The Matte Lipstick

    The Matte Lipstick

    Number of Colors 8 , Capacity 3.5 g Learn More

    Regular Price: GBP27.59

    Special Price GBP17.94

  10. Fancy Double Lipstick

    Fancy Double Lipstick

    Number of Reference 8 , Capacity 4 g Learn More

    Regular Price: GBP24.64

    Special Price GBP16.01

  11. Lipstick Liquid Colour

    Lipstick Liquid Colour

    Liquid Colour releases a colourful, matt film onto lips. It is smudge proof and long-lasting Learn More

    Regular Price: GBP19.51

    Special Price GBP12.68

  12. Liquid Silk Lipgloss

    Liquid Silk Lipgloss

    Number of Colours 8 , Capacity 13 ML Learn More

    Regular Price: GBP22.67

    Special Price GBP14.73

  13. Lipgloss Pure Colour

    Lipgloss Pure Colour

    Wear alone or over colour, this clear lip gloss gives an amazing shine. It deeply moisturises lips to instantly lift any look. Learn More

    Regular Price: GBP11.83

    Special Price GBP7.69

  14. Lip Treatment

    Lip Treatment

    Number of Reference 1 , Capacity 4.5 g Learn More

    Regular Price: GBP12.81

    Special Price GBP8.33

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