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  1. ماسكارا تمويج الرموش

    ماسكارا تمويج الرموش

    Spicy Curl Volume & Curl Mascara تعلم المزيد
    USD 39٫92

    غير متوفربالمخزون

  2. قلم حواجب
  3. فرشاة محدد العين
  4. ظلال العين

    ظلال العين

    Moulded lead eyeshadow pencil texture oud creamy at the application, light and dry on the lids, this eyeshadow pencil is perfect to realize an easy and comfortable make-up for eyes. A great stroke and easy application, this product can be shaded in order to underline the look. Available both in matt and pearled version. تعلم المزيد
    USD 25٫28

  5. قلم رسم الحواجب

    قلم رسم الحواجب

    High definition eyebrows. Orderly. Beautiful! Eyebrow pen oud has an Ultra-precise tip. It does not smudge, no-greasy and fixed the fold of your eyebrows as you wish! It is advised to keep the product in a horizontal position and shake well before use. تعلم المزيد
    USD 18٫63

  6. ماسكارا الرموش الممتلئة

    ماسكارا الرموش الممتلئة

    Extraordinary long eyelashes, volumizing and a sensational “feather effect”! Look dramatic, intense and deep. تعلم المزيد
    USD 41٫25

  7. ظلال العين(جاف و رطب)

    ظلال العين(جاف و رطب)

    Soft eye shadows, silky, easy to apply. For a fabulous result. The most glamorous and fashionable colors, oud has chosen them for you!
    Humidifies your favourite applicator oud to have an iridescent effect! تعلم المزيد
    USD 45٫24

  8. محدد العيون

    محدد العيون

    Eyeliner pen is an automatic pencil that oud offers in elegant colors full of light. With only one gesture you can color your eyes. Comfortable application. High definition result. تعلم المزيد
    USD 18٫63

  9. قلم تحديد العيون

    قلم تحديد العيون

    The oud eye pencils are perfect partners to create your make -up eyes. Incredibly soft and creamy, well-defined stroke, easy to use for outlining and embellish your look. تعلم المزيد
    USD 23٫95

  10. قلم الكحل

    قلم الكحل

    For a deep look, technical and glamour! Kohol oud is the perfect kajal pencil! Comfort in application, professional result! تعلم المزيد
    USD 11٫97

  11. ظلال العيون مونوماتيك

    ظلال العيون مونوماتيك

    Quality, technique and color makes monomatic eyeshadow oud a high performance eye shadow. The silky powder provides an easy and pleasant application for an ultra - pigmented result and homogeneous! Enriched with the precious vitamin e. تعلم المزيد
    USD 22٫62

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تحديد الاتجاه التنازلي